Based in: London, UK; Budapest, HU.



A good analogy for how I work is the schizoid duality of the film Grizzly Man, a documentary directed by Werner Herzog, compiled almost entirely of scenes shot by Timothy Treadwell, a grizzly bear activist killed by a grizzly. I accumulate source material, I make and make, then edit and edit, wearing two hats: one of the artist and one of the curator. The sources of the figures and compositions I use, vary from automatic drawings to observational sketches, from found photographs to ones that I made myself, from documentary films to feature films, from literature to folklores. My allegiance lies with the processes of painting, drawing, printmaking and installation, and the site of meaning I strive to construct must be consistent with the space it inhabits. The resolved pieces are elements of a liminal narrative, which simultaneously employs illusory tools, but breaks the fourth wall by hinting at its own process of creation.  I aim to delineate a space similar to that of a sketchbook, visceral and constantly in flux, to create a panopticon of moments, a fragmented narrative that is suspiciously aware of its own limitations and of the viewers’ gaze.


2019-ongoing, MFA Fine Art Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, UK

2015-2018, BA (Hons) Fine Art, Newcastle University, UK

Current Projects

I am organizing a follow-up residency programme and platform to hu/Touring Exhibition titled project hu which focused on the layered narratives inherent to the works of early career Hungarian artists. For the project, I have partnered up with art researcher Zsuzsanna Zsúró. The previous exhibition traveled from Dundee to Newcastle, then to London, where an artists’ discussion was held alongside the preview event. The project was supported by four sources, including the Balassi Institute Hungarian Cultural Centre in London and Arts Council England.



2020 Colart Residency (Postponed due to COVID-19)

2018 Shortlisted for the Young Contemporary Talent 2018, Ingram Collection

2018 Hatton Prize

2018 Shortlisted for Royal Scottish Academy of the Arts Open Exhibition 2018



2016-current Artist assistant/PA

¬ Artist assistant on various projects,  building structures and exhibitions, writing funding applications and liasing with collaborative partners.

2016-2017 Placement with Newcastle Arts Team


¬ Assisted and collaborated with the artists in residence: Aaron Guy, Robert Parkinson in Scotswood; from the research phase to the practical execution of their project while making my own artist film.

2016-2017 Curator and organizer of Page 1 exhibition at the Marjorie Robinson Library

¬ Selected final list of artists, negotiated terms, installed exhibition.

2014-2015 Intern at Várfok Gallery, Budapest


¬ Installed and dismantled exhibitions, did administrative work, translated documents, handled artworks, invigilated openings, etc. I also liaised with partners, clients and took part in an Art Market Budapest.



 Jan. 2020 Slade Runner, ASC Gallery, London (group)

Nov. 2019 Spaceship Dungeon Zoo, 1c Darnley rd, London (group)

Feb. 2019, hu, Hungarian Traveling Exhibition, White Conduit Projects, London (group)

Jan. 2019, hu, Hungarian Traveling Exhibition, Abject Gallery, Newcastle (group)

Nov. 2018, hu, Hungarian Traveling Exhibition, GENERATORporjects, Dundee (group)

Nov. 2018, Young Contemporary Talent 2018, Ingram Collection, The Cello Factory, London (group)

Sep. 2018, Art & Liberation, The Holy Biscuit, Newcastle (group)

Aug. 2018, Newcastle University Printmakers, R.K. Burts Gallery, London (group)

Jun., Jul. 2018 Newcastle University Degree Show, Newcastle University and Unit 8 at Copeland Park, London

Mar. 2018, Newcastle University Printmakers, Long Gallery, Newcastle University, Newcastle (group)

Mar. 2018, Your Space, Jane Doe Gallery, Newcastle University, Newcastle (group)

Mar. 2018, Studies, Culture Lab, Newcastle University, Newcastle (solo)

Sept. 2017, Charity Fundraiser Auction and Exhibition, The Holy Biscuit Gallery, Newcastle (group)

June 2017, Page 1, Marjorie Robinson Library, Newcastle (group)

Apr. 2017, Something Black, An Art Exhibition , Cultivate Gallery and Organ Thing, Online (https://organthing.com, https://cultivategallery.com) (group)

Apr. 2017, Group show, Culture Lab, Newcastle University, Newcastle (group)

Mar. 2017, Fancy a Cuppa?, Vane Gallery, Newcastle (group)

Dec. 2016, The Parade, Newcastle University, Newcastle (group)

May 2016 (The Late Shows), Narrative, Newbridge Studios, Newbridge Project, Newcastle (group)

May 2016, Testing Grounds, Hoults Yard, Newcastle (group)

Dec. 2015, Chaka: the Social exhibition, !VAMOS! Social, Newcastle (group)

Nov. 2015, Crossyear Exhibition, Long gallery, Newcastle University, Newcastle (group)

Dec. 2014, Dover Language Centre, Budapest (solo)



Featured in:

2019 hu – Hungarian Touring Exhibition on corridor8

2019 hu (Hungarian Travelling Exhibition) podcast on HeyArtWhatsGood

2018 Északi Fény. Fiatal Magyarok Kiállítása Dundee-ban (Northern Light, Young Hungarian Artists’ Exhibition in Dundee) on artportal.hu

2015 Alliterati Magazine 18th issue https://issuu.com/alliteratimagazine

Written by:

2019 Cinematic Inclusions on Corridor8

2018 Töredékek (Fragments) on Artmagazin online

2018 Fiatal Cinikusok (Young Cinics) on Artmagazin online

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